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Press Releases

Latest press releases

Press Release 08/2017
New microsite for self-adjusting toggle clamps
5 years of STC self-adjusting toggle clamps from BESSEY

German clamping tool specialist BESSEY is providing an extensive range of information on self-adjusting toggle clamps on its new microsite http://toggleclamp.bessey.de in 11 languages. Designers, craftsmen and buyers can find technical details and interesting facts about the unique range of accessories as well as exciting excerpts from the history of the range.... MORE ...


Press Release 08/2017
Coming 1 August 2017: BESSEY launches the next generation of the REVO body clamp
The evolution of the BESSEY body clamp: REVO 2.0

The well-established REVO body clamp from BESSEY has been refreshed with added power and safety features. It clamps and expands workpieces with fragile surfaces in a powerful yet gentle manner. The range of sophisticated accessories ensures that there is a suitable solution for almost every application.... MORE ...


Press Release 07/2017
A new accessory for BESSEY toggle clamps
BESSEY self-adjusting toggle clamps can now be used on multifunction tables!

BESSEY’s self-adjusting toggle clamps are flexible and up to five times faster to operate when compared to conventional models. Now, BESSEY has found a way to bring these benefits to the multifunction table. Thanks to a special adapter, it is now possible to use BESSEY toggle clamps on multifunction tables with 20 mm hole diameters such as the Festool MFT and also the Sortimo WorkMo.... MORE ...


Press Release 06/2017
Tips and tricks for incisive success
BESSEY Expert advice on hand tin snips

Hand tin snips have become an indispensable part of the daily working life of plumbers, building fitters, roofers or drywall builders. They are always used when thin sheet metals, sheet metal profiles or soft metals need to be cut – and this several times a day. BESSEY is a specialist in the field of manual cutting tools with the well known Erdi hand tin snips brand. Below, we provide some tips on what to consider when choosing the right sheet metal snips and how to best use them.... MORE ...


Press Release 05/2017
BESSEY Participations at trade fairs in 2017
BESSEY at two important trade meetings

In the year 2017, BESSEY is participating in two important leading trade fairs: From 22nd to 26th May, the specialist for clamping and cutting technology is exhibiting at the LIGNA in Hanover. In the autumn, BESSEY will present its metal and sheet metal processing products at the “SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN” in Düsseldorf on 25th–29th September.... MORE ...


Press Release 04/2017
New wire display for Erdi tin snips presentation
Eye catcher to boost sales in retail stores

BESSEY supports retailers in the selling of Erdi hand tin snips with a new wire display: The DVK2 model attracts the attention of customers when placed on the counter. Alternatively, the new small wire display can be hung into a perforated wall panel.... MORE ...


Press Release 03/2017
New from 1st April, 2017: BESSEY expends its workbench adapter range for the use of clamping elements
New adapter sizes for more possibilities

BESSEY is expanding its TW16AW adapter range for use of its clamping elements on all common workbenches with a hole system. In addition to the workbench adapter for a hole diameter of 19 mm, adapters for three further hole diameters are now available from BESSEY.... MORE ...


Press Release 02/2017
New from 1st April, 2017: BESSEY Telescopic drywall support ST
Securely fixes and supports during dry construction

As a specialist for manual clamping tools, BESSEY now also offers a solution for securing a wide variety of building materials on the ceiling. The flexible but stable ST telescopic drywall support serves as a helping “extra hand” for safe one-man assembly during dry construction. It is available in three sizes and can handle up to 60 kilograms.... MORE ...


Press Release 01/2017
From 1st April, new tool catalogue from BESSEY
The BESSEY catalogue informs and inspires

The new 2017/18 BESSEY catalogue is much more than a product overview. Within the 170 pages of the catalogue, BESSEY provides information on its entire range of clamping and cutting tools. Images of practical applications show the diversity of the tool in the field. The catalogue is effective from April 1 2017 and is available in eleven languages.... MORE ...

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