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New Products

New Products from BESSEY

2017, August
The evolution of the K Body REVO
With greater power and safety in a new design

The well-established REVO body clamp from BESSEY has been refreshed with added power and safety features. It clamps and expands workpieces with fragile surfaces in a powerful yet gentle manner. The range of sophisticated accessories ensures that there is a suitable solution for almost every application. MORE ...


2017, April
Toggle clamps on multifunctional tables
A special accessory set creates new applications!

Now you can use the BESSEY toggle clamps in conjunction with the new accessory set on multifunctional tables such as Festool MFT and Sortimo WorkMo. For this, a lock pin is fixed by a cylindrical screw under the base plate. Due to this, the toggle clamp can easily be mounted on tables with a 20 mm hole diameter and a plate thickness of at least 19 mm and a maximum of 25 mm. Finally it can be fixed from below with a knurled nut. Securely fixed the BESSEY toggle clamp can be used and demonstrates its benefits on multifunctional tables. Because with BESSEY toggle clamps you are highly flexible and up to 5 times faster than with conventional toggle clamps. MORE ...


2017, March
Clamping elements for workbenches
Clamp on workbenches securely and variably

As a specialist for manual clamping tools, BESSEY also provides solutions for fixing workpieces to workbenches. You can use the BESSEY TWV and TW clamping elements in conjunction with the TW16AW workbench adapter on any workbench with a hole system, such as the Sjöbergs workbench models. The tried and tested BESSEY all-steel clamp solutions were the inspiration for development. MORE ...


2017, March
Telescopic drywall support ST
Privides real support during roof assembly

“The extra hand” for safe one-man assembly! Ease of transport and the flexible adjustment make the telescopic drywall support from BESSEY an indispensable helper for dry construction work. The stable construction not only enables the safe Fixing of a wide variety of construction materials on the roof, but also safely affixes foils as a dust protection wall. Even on sloping roofs, the strut finds a secure hold with its swivelling PVC contact surfaces. Oneman assembly can also start from larger plates – the maximum load limit per strut is up to 60 kg. MORE ...


2016, March
Erdi Shape and straight cutting snips D39ASS
Low-fatigue continous cutting

With the Erdi D39ASS, BESSEY is bringing an entirely new generation of compound leverage shape and straight cutting snips to the market for the sheet metalworking industry. These sheet metal snips enable faster and more precise work with easier operation. Also innovative in the snips segment is the sintered steel insert developed in-house. It greatly reduces friction in the joint area, which makes the snips extremely smooth running and wear-resistant. It is therefore possible with the D39ASS to work longer and with less fatigue. MORE ...


2016, March
Door frame assembly tools
Now even easier and more flexible!

The BESSEY door frame mounting system, consisting of a door frame clamp TU, door frame straightening clamp TFM and angle door frame straightening clamp, has now been expanded with a further practical accessory. The door frame brace extension TUX now also allows the use of the TU when installing extra-wide doors. The TU itself has also been subject to an upgrade, which makes the use of the door frame even easier and safer. Also new is the practical wheeled case, which is perfectly suited for storing and transporting the assembly tools. MORE ...


2015, June
Self-adjusting toggle clamps STC
Even more flexible clamping up to 5-times faster

The variable BESSEY STC toggle clamps combine innovative technology with the highest BESSEY quality. The result is unparalleled on the market. This is because only BESSEY toggle clamps have an extremely large clamping range and adapt automatically to different workpiece dimensions within a certain clamping range. The benefits are clear to see: One size of BESSEY toggle clamps replaces multiple competitor sizes and can be used up to 5 times quicker. MORE ...

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