Telescopic drywall support STE with pump grip

Product details
  • Resilient up to a maximum of 350 kg when the telescopic rod is fully retracted
  • Extremely stable construction due to highly durable steel pipes and non-slip PVC contact surfaces
  • Single-handed operation thanks to 2-component plastic handle with pump mechanism
  • Quick-slide button for rapid extension and retraction of the telescopic bar
  • Controllable holding force by turning the support on the grip
  • Application also on slopes due to continuously swivelling contact surfaces from -45° to +45°
Order number Adjusting range Load limit Weight approx. PU
mm kg kg qty.
STE250 1450-2500 200 3.10 2
STE300 1700-3000 130 3.50 2
STE370 2070-3700 75 4.10 2
Available from June 2020 / Sales display ST18-D see catalogue page 132
Extremely secure hold

The support guarantees a reliable and secure hold:

  • due to extremely stable construction for up to max. 200 kg load-bearing capacity – depending on the corresponding support size – with maximum extension length due to rubber PVC contact surfaces top and bottom due to anti-slip system integrated in the grip
Versatile in application

It facilitates the positioning and holding of a wide range of materials:

  • due to stable steel pipe construction in three sizes – telescoping up to 3.70 m due to 9 x 7 cm base plates with a swivel range of -45° to +45°
Quick and accurate handling

The support can be precisely set to requirements, and safely released:

  • due to fixing in three steps: In order to pre-set the telescopic drywall support press the release button and extend the telescopic inner tube to the desired length. Fine adjustment takes place by pressing the pump lever until the system plate of the support lies against the workpiece. Then turn the grip clockwise until the desired holding force is attained (observe the max. load-bearing capacity) due to releasing in two steps: First turn the telescopic drywall support anti-clockwise. As soon as no further holding force is present, press the release button to retract the inner tube.