K Body Parallel and case clamps

BESSEY best seller: Strong, accurate and durable

The large, perfectly parallel jaw faces are characteristic of the original BESSEY K Body REVO parallel clamp. It allows easy clamping and spreading of sensitive surfaces and right angles. Even round and pointed workpieces. And the best thing is: thanks to their extra-large contact surfaces, the original BESSEY K Body REVO parallel clamp and the lightweight parallel clamp UniKlamp are both universally applicable – even behind and to the side of the high-quality profiled rail. This allows you to clamp in locations that conventional screw clamps are unable to reach. That's guaranteed!

Cabinetmakers, Carpenters, Joiners and Kitchen fitters all benefit from the use of parallel jaw clamps. With their large parallel clamping deep jaws they are ideal for clamping large areas without damaging the material. The clamps also have the capability to clamp irregular curved and round surfaces precisely and also clamp behind and to the side of the rail. When In use parallel clamps provide very accurate clamping support.

They are ideal for many applications including furniture making, restoration, cabinet construction, and holding large panels and frames in place when gluing. BESSEY offers the unique K Body REVO parallel clamp in two versions – with fixed (KRE) or sliding upper section (KREV) – each with a range of openings up to 2.5 meters. They offer up to 8,000 N (800 kg) of clamping force which is distributed over the entire clamping surface. Another advantage of the K Body REVO clamps is that they have additional workpiece supports on the rail that prevent the workpiece from coming into contact with the rail and being damaged. This also allows the clamps to be placed on the workbench and then used as a glue press to powerfully glue individual wooden boards into one large board. In addition, there are many other possible applications. The sliding clamp can also be converted to a spreading function without the need for tools, there are also a number of accessories available.

For example, with the Extender KBX, two clamps can be cleverly connected to each other to increase the clamping giving a range of up to 5 meters. The KR-AS tilting adapter set is also available for clamping outside right angles. These can be easily attached onto the clamping jaws and are adjustable within a swivel range of +/- 15 degrees. The parallel clamp K Body REVO KRE and the Vario K Body REVO KREV can also offer a practical extra for clamping frames with the KP Framing Set. It consists of four 90° KP Blocks. With these in place the clamping pressure can be adjusted separately with two inserted REVO clamps per corner. Also the additional TK6 Clamps can be added at either end of the Revo Clamps enabling the clamps to be attached to the edge of the workbench / table for use as a vice when working on your own in the workshop.