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1889 Max Bessey founds a bright steel drawing plant in Stuttgart.

1912 Continuation of the firm by his nephew Karl Bessey.

1926 The management board is taken over by Dr.-Ing. Eugen Mayer. Under his leadership, the range of products produced is significantly expanded, both in terms of dimensions and grades of steel offered.

1928 Marriage Dr.-Ing. Eugen Mayer with Erna Bessey, widow of Karl Bessey

1936 Patents are granted for a new type of malleable cast iron screw clamp, thus marking the beginning of the production of clamping tools by BESSEY.

1944 Founding of a subsidiary in Bietigheim for producing clamping tools.

1952 Patent are granted for a tempered all-steel clamp.

1961 Expansion of the Bietigheim works and beginning of bright steel production.

1966 Transition of the firm to the daughter Dr. Erna Fetscher and the son Dr. Theodor Mayer as managing partner.

Start of a dynamic phase of corporate development:

  • Production of bright steel is doubled and complemented by the manufacture of stainless steels.
  • New patents and developments, combined with modern marketing, make BESSEY into the market leader in the global clamping tools sector.

  • A further increase in bright steel production is achieved at the Stuttgart works thanks to the purchase of the neighbouring Aldinger engineering works.
  • Founding of BESSEY FILS in Strasbourg, from which the company BESSEY-SER arose in 1988.

1979 Purchase of the Diener shears factory in Esslingen, with a satellite factory in Solingen.

1983 Consolidation of bright steel production in new mill buildings at the Bietigheim works. Sale of the Stuttgart site.

1985 Purchase of additional land in Bietigheim, including the area of the former worsted spinning mill, which has protected status. After proper restoration, tool production begins at this facility.

1989 The company celebrates its 100 year jubilee.

2003 Purchases of distributors in the strategically important North American market.

  • Purchase of the GROSS STABIL clamping tool brand as part of our global growth strategy.
  • Founding of BESSEY Präzisionsstahl GmbH and expansion of storage and production facilities.

2007 Integration of GROSS STABIL TOOL into BESSEY Tool in order to leverage synergy effects.

2011 After eleven years, the BESSEY Group is once again owner-managed – Klaus Fuchs becomes Managing Partner

2014 The company celebrates its 125 year jubilee.

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