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Most innovative ideas

Our company has been setting new benchmarks in the field of clamping- and cutting technology since its inception in the year 1889. Based on our expertise in development, we have been working on new and innovative ideas and for their continuous improvement. We invent and perfect the patented brands in our plant in Bietigheim, which often become models for an entire generation of clamping- and cutting tools.

Often copied, but never matched: This applies to, e.g. Original BESSEY malleable cast iron-screw clamps that are being used in the unmodified form since 1936. Or even to the Original BESSEY all-steel-screw clamps that were patented in 1952 and acted as a model for the OMEGA-screw clamps.

The same commitment to innovation and improvement applies to the Erdi brand of snips by BESSEY. After the initial integration of Diener Werkzeugfabrik GmbH (established in 1923), and the high performance snips that were produced, BESSEY has made continuous advances in the newly acquired cutting technology. Examples would include high performance snips with HSS inlays or the new D15A multi-purpose snip which is small yet strong and very manoeuvrable. These examples are indicative of the excellent cutting performance and safety that you get when you trust in BESSEY cutting technology.

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