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BESSEY Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Where can I purchase BESSEY products?
Answer: BESSEY markets its products through sales partners. On the website of BESSEY Tool, at the top left, you will find a section called “BESSEY Distributors”. It allows you to search for both distributors in Germany and BESSEY representatives worldwide. If you do not make any progress in your search, simply address your request to us using the form in the “Contact” section. We will be happy to assist.

Question: Does BESSEY have any special offers?
Answer: Yes, twice a year with the BESSEY Spring/Summer Sales Campaign (01/03 – 30/06) and the Autumn/Winter Sales Campaign (01/09 – 31/12). Why not take a glance at our “Current Offers” website and download the sales brochure right away in PDF format? You’ll be glad you did!

Question: Where can I find information about BESSEY products?
Answer: Click on the “Products” heading. This section lists all BESSEY products, divided into different applications and then combined into tool groups. Clicking on a particular tool group, (e.g. malleable cast iron screw clamps), lists all models associated with this group, and provides a brief description to enable rapid differentiation. Any other information available on our products, such as sales sheets, can be found under “Downloads". The “Product Finder”, in the “Customer support” section can also be very helpful for locating a suitable product.

Question: Where can I purchase spare parts?
Answer: You can find the latest spare parts under “Accessories” in the product section of this website. You can purchase these from BESSEY sales partners (see “BESSEY Distributors”). Always check for availability, as not all sales partners carry all products and spare parts.

Question: How can I return BESSEY goods for a credit note or as part of a warranty claim?
Answer: Please see “Return Procedures” in the “Customer support” section for detailed information.

Question: How can I sell your products as a BESSEY sales partner?
Answer: BESSEY markets its products exclusively through sales partners. If you would like to become a BESSEY sales partner then please “Contact” us. You will then be contacted directly by a sales manager responsible for your area or country.

Question: Where can I submit ideas for new products?
Answer: You can use our special “Inventors” section, accessible from the navigation bar at the foot of each page of our website, to pass on information to us about your product or idea. We will then get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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