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Cautions and Warnings

General instructions and warnings

Warning! Clamping tools
Clamping tools are not suitable for lifting, pulling or transporting. They should only be clamped manually without the use of any auxiliary tools. Improper use may lead to personal injury or material damage. Please be advised that claims against our company arising from an agreement or from an unlawful act, in particular product liability claims for personal injury or material damage, are invalidated by failure to follow our instructions and warnings!

Warning! Cutting tools
Always wear protective goggles and gloves when working. Sheared parts may injure workers and bystanders. Disconnect the power supply when working on electrical devices, otherwise there may be a risk of electric shock. Move snips and blades in the cutting direction away from the body. Only use original spare parts when required. Tools should only be used manually without the use of any auxiliary tools. Improper use may lead to personal injury or material damage.

General product information:

  1. BESSEY reserves the right to modify the technical specifications at any time. Product specifications may vary between regions in order to meet the demands of the international market.

  2. Images produced by BESSEY which show BESSEY tools in use are merely intended to provide the reader with an impression of the corresponding field of application of the tool. When photographed, certain safety clothing such as gloves were not worn so as to more effectively demonstrate the product in question. However, this does not free the customer from his/her obligation to wear suitable protective clothing when working with BESSEY clamping tools and cutting tools.

  3. The customer bears all responsibility for confidence in or use of information concerning a product and for use or application of a product. BESSEY expressly excludes all liability for direct, indirect, accidental or consequential damage. Furthermore, all claims for damages, compensation for loss and other causes of action on the purchase price of the product in question are limited.
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