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Press Releases

Latest press releases

Press Release 04/2018
Works “big” in a small space
First of its kind in the world from 1st April, 2018: GearKlamp GK from BESSEY

BESSEY is introducing a first of its kind in the world with the GearKlamp GK: the clamp that conveniently masters clamping applications in a perfect way – even in the tightest spaces. This is made possible by a patent pending mechanism that allows the separation of the handle from the spindle and to position it around the rail. For example, the compact BESSEY GearKlamp GK can be skillfully used even in places that were previously difficult or impossible for clamping tools to access.... MORE ...


Press Release 03/2018
Simply saves time: Fast, precise cabinet installation
New from 1st April, 2018: Front frame clamp FRZ from BESSEY

The new front frame clamp FRZ from BESSEY makes it easier to install cabinets with front frames. All work steps required for the installation can be carried out while clamped – without having to remove or reposition the clamp. The work is simple and the result will win you over with its speed and quality.... MORE ...


Press Release 02/2018
Everything under control with the mobile workshop
New toggle clamp systainer STC-S-MFT from BESSEY

BESSEY toggle clamps are flexible and up to five times faster to operate when compared to conventional models. Mobile workmen, such as assembly technicians, can now also benefit from these advantages. BESSEY now also offers its self-adjusting toggle clamps in a set with suitable adapters for multifunction tables and table clamps in a systainer with a special wood insert. ... MORE ...


Press Release 01/2018
The BESSEY catalogue – more than a reference work
New tool catalogue from BESSEY is available

The BESSEY complete catalogue valid from 1st April 2018 is as of now available in 11 languages. The new edition also provides numerous inspirations in addition to comprehensive ideas: Images from the field of handcraft illustrate the versatile applications of BESSEY clamping and cutting tools. In its 176-page catalogue, BESSEY also presents interesting novelties – including a first of its kind in the world: The GearKlamp GK, which conveniently masters clamping applications in a perfect way, even in the tightest s... MORE ...

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