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BESSEY Tool – Competence in clamping and cutting technology

Since 1889 BESSEY has continually been setting standards in clamping and cutting systems. Our long-term research and development competences allow us to continuously create new and innovative products. BESSEY´s top quality products are produced from the highest quality materials, using state of-the-art techniques. This ensures the highest degree of comfort, safety, user-friendliness and ergonomics, so that you can also benefit from our unique innovation advantage and, in accordance with our company motto: “BESSEY. Simply better.“

Our product areas

With the new BESSEY STE one handed telescopic drywall support extreme power is easily achievable

Extreme power is easily achievable. The new BESSEY STE variant of the telescopic support bar offers very high clamping forces and comes in varying heights. The new STE bar is a secure assembly aid / load bar for fixing plasterboard, wooden boards, panels, roof battens, metal strips, foils, light housings and much more. The in-house developed support, which is available in three sizes, is the most powerful version so far in a competitive comparison. Its load limit reaches up to 160 kg at maximum vertical extension length and even up to 350 kg when the telescopic rod is completely retracted. 

The advantages at a glance:

  • Extremely secure handling with GS certification. 
  • Easy single-handed operation due to integrated pump mechanism.
  • Rapid extension and retraction of the telescopic bar due to the quick-slide button. 
  • Reliable grip due to stable construction and rubber PVC contact surfaces. 
  • Versatile use thanks to continuously swiveling contact surfaces and clever additional accessories.