Toggle Clamps

With self-adjusting clamping range highly flexible and up to 5 times faster clamping

The variable BESSEY STC toggle clamps combine innovative technology with the highest BESSEY quality. The result: BESSEY toggle clamps have an extremely large clamping range and adapt automatically to different work piece dimensions within a certain clamping range. The benefits are clear to see: One size of the BESSEY toggle clamp replaces multiple competitor sizes simultaneously and it can be used up to 5 times faster.

The advantages of BESSEY toggle clamps

"BESSEY. Simply better." – a challenge BESSEY sought to rise to, even when looking for options to expand its range. This involved an extensive analysis of clamping tools related to the current product portfolio. The toggle clamp segment came more and more to the forefront as it is a segment containing products that have not undergone much innovation in years. In its development, BESSEY pursued one objective: "Innovate – don’t imitate". The most significant disadvantages of traditional toggle clamps – time-consuming adjustment of the clamping range and lack of options to vary the clamping force – needed to be eradicated. But how? By transferring the screw clamp principle of quick adjustment to different work piece dimensions, to BESSEY toggle clamps.

Uncompromisingly versatile

One size of the BESSEY toggle clamp replaces multiple competitor sizes simultaneously:
  • due to an extremely large clamping range, thanks to the patented mechanism

Ready to go

BESSEY STC toggle clamps adapt to workpieces of varying thickness – without manual setting of the spindle and, with practically the same clamping force:

  • due to an automatic clamping width range

Powerful and gentle

Even sensitive workpieces, e. g. with veneered or varnished surfaces, can be gently clamped:

  • due to moving pressure plate with removable protective cap
  • due to clamping force regulation via adjustment screw in the joint

Which toggle clamp is used when?

The horizontal toggle clamp STC-HH is a perfect fixing option for work pieces, when a handle would get in the way while working. Here, the work piece is fixed quickly from above, with the handle being pressed down from above. In the clamped position, the handle remains parallel to the contact surface, allowing more secure working of the work piece. The variable horizontal toggle clamps are available with a horizontal base plate  and with clamping ranges of 35, 40 and 60 mm.

With the vertical toggle clamp STC-VH, the work piece is fixed from above, as with the horizontal clamp. In this case, however the lever is moved from bottom to top to clamp, and remains in the clamped position vertical to the table. This can be particularly advantageous when working on hard-to-access areas or when working opposite the clamping device. The variable vertical clamps are available with a horizontal base plate and with clamping ranges of 35 and 40 mm.

The push/pull toggle clamp STC-IHH has proven particularly practical when carrying out milling and drilling work. The movement of the lever is converted into axial movement of the push rod, which means that the work piece is fixed from the side, rather than from above. The variable push/pull clamps are available with a horizontal base plate and with clamping ranges of 25 and 35 mm.

Use on welding tables

For the use on welding tables with 16 mm and 28 mm hole diameters

The toggle clamp adapter TWA-STC is suitable for use directly in the hole pattern of the welding table. It can also be attached to the appropriate extension TWX without the need for bolts. The adjusting ring can be used to lower the round material in the table with infinite adjustment. Combined in this way, the toggle clamp can also be positioned over the table, on the work piece.

Use on multifunction tables

For the use with 20 mm hole diameter and 19 to 25 mm plate thickness (e.g. Festool MFT or Sortimo WorkMo)

The adapter STC-SET-T20 allows BESSEY toggle clamps to be used on multifunction tables. The three-part accessory set can be assembled in a few simple steps. For this, a locking pin is attached via a cylinder screw under the base plate. Added in this way, the toggle clamp can be used directly in the multifunction table and secured from underneath with a knurled nut.

The adapter STC-SET-T20 is available individually, but also combined with a toggle clamp as STC-Set for multifunctional tables.

Mobile use of toggle clamps

The toggle clamp systainer STC-S-MFT from BESSEY makes everyday work much easier for craftsmen who often find different conditions in a variety of locations. The systainer has a wood insert with a 20-mm drilled hole integrated into the lid and thus offers the function of a mobile work table and provides practical options for fixing a workpiece.

All clamping devices of the toggle clamp systainer can also be used on multifunction tables with a 20 mm hole diameter and counter thickness of at least 19 mm up to a maximum of 25 mm. Festool MFT as well as Sortimo WorkMo fulfil these requirements.


  • 4 x horizontal toggle clamp STC-HH50
  • 2 x push/pull toggle clamp STC-IHH25
  • 6 x adapter STC-SET-T20
  • 2 x all-steel table clamp GTR12

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CAD data for toggle clamps

You can find CAD data for your toogle clamp project in our download area. 

Our toggle clamp brochure for download

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Self-adjusting toggle clamps

Highly flexible and up to 5x faster