BESSEY Präzisionsstahl – Corporate Philosophy

The guiding principles formulated in the corporate philosophy explain the self-concept underlying BESSEY Präzisionsstahl. They provide inward guidance by setting policies and guidelines for employees and management. Outwardly, they reflect the values and standards that the company stands for.

Our company is oriented towards economically, qualitatively, socially and environmentally based requirements.

In the process, our corporate strategy is based on several pillars:

  • Preservation and expansion of customer satisfaction

  • Leadership in innovation

  • Moderate return on capital employed

  • Close collaboration and good cooperation with suppliers

  • Employee motivation and willingness to perform

  • Permanent improvement of processes in regard to quality and environmental performance

  • Continuous cost optimisation

  • Adherence to relevant local environmental laws

  • Prevention of accidents, environmental damage and pollution

  • Securing the local economic future for coming generations

Our guiding principles

We provide our customers with a quality and environmental standard that is oriented to their requirements. In order to receive appropriate feedback, we thoroughly question our customers ahead of time regarding their requirements, and subsequently regarding their product satisfaction.

We define, structure and monitor our processes, which also includes the regular assessment of legal or comparable general regulations. Through clear representation and mutual provision of information, we attain transparency in time flows and factual links for corresponding optimisation of the respective cost structures.

We regularly inspect the defined interfaces in the interaction of individual procedures and immediately react to negative consequences.

We design our processes under the premises of customer utility, environmental safety and our proceeds; we analyse critical results, develop solutions and attune them with all affected areas in advance.

We want to be better than our competitors in all areas and critically measure ourselves against them. In doing so, we do not copy, rather we learn from the market requirements. Our quality management is continuously adapted to new conditions and improved.

We include all our employees in the process of continual improvement. In the process, the management level leads by example in order to appropriately motivate all employees. We continually assess the motivation, satisfaction and awareness of our employees in the matters quality and environmental protection and help them gain a sense of achievement with commensurate contributions.

We not only negotiate prices with our suppliers, but also the quality and environmental orientation of their products and services as well as the punctuality of their deliveries.