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BESSEY Tools – Competence in clamping and cutting technology

Since 1889 BESSEY has been setting standards in hand clamping and cutting technology. Our core competencies of research and development allow us to continuously create innovative new products and, to improve upon our current products. BESSEY´s tools are produced from the top quality materials, using state of-the-art techniques. This allows the highest degree of comfort, safety and user-friendliness so that you can also benefit from our unique innovation advantage and, in accordance with our company motto: “BESSEY. Simply better.“

Our main product areas

New: BESSEY Pivot Handle Clamps (GZ Series)

Space-saving and comfortable clamping

Pivot handle clamps deliver the extra flexibility from the already uncompromising all steel bar clamp offering from BESSEY. A 2K ergonomic handle and can be swiveled 90° for easier tightening and rotated 360° to access tight work areas.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Additional leverage when tightening – and therefore less effort for the user
  • The swivel handle does not get caught on the rail during the clamping process
  • In places that are difficult to access, the handle can be simply swiveled away