Multi angle pad VAD (2 pcs./bag)

Product details
  • For adaptation to round, oval and angular workpieces in particular
  • Infinite angle adjustment from 60° inner to 60° outer
  • Suitable for original BESSEY malleable cast iron screw clamps TG as well as GZ and GMZ from 100 mm throat depth
wood steel
Order number Angle Jaw face width Content Weight
mm St. kg
VAD from 60° inner to 60° outer 45 2 0.48
  • Interior fittings
  • Metal construction
  • Shell construction
  • DIY
  • Furniture and joinery works
  • Carpentry and woodwork
  • Locksmith work
  • Clamping tools are not suitable for lifting, pulling or transporting.
  • Clamping tools may only be clamped manually without using any auxiliary tools.
  • Improper use can cause personal injuries or material damage.
  • Never change or modify clamping tools. Only use them in their original condition. Only use original‐spare parts if required.
  • Base body aluminium, anodised
  • Pressure plate made of steel, cold pressed, galvanised
  • Clean the rails with solvent