Needle nose spring clamp Clippix XCL

Product details
  • Long, pointed clamping arm for working in tight spaces
  • Large throat depth for clamping in borderless areas
  • Soft, slip-proof grip pads
  • XCL2-SET – On carded hang pack
wood plastic sensitive materials
Order number Opening Opening Throat depth Throat depth Content Weight
mm " mm " kg
XCL2 55 2 60 2 0.02
XCL2-SET 55 2 1/8 60 2  3/8 2 x XCL2 0.04
XCL5 70 3 110 4 0.14
  • Interior fittings
  • DIY
  • Furniture and joinery works
  • Dry construction
  • For flexible, feather-light clamping
  • Rapid, gentle clamping
  • Clamping tools are not suitable for lifting, pulling or transporting.
  • Clamping tools may only be clamped manually without using any auxiliary tools.
  • Improper use can cause personal injuries or material damage.
  • Never change or modify clamping tools. Only use them in their original condition. Only use original‐spare parts if required.
  • Upper and lower section made of reinforced PA6 plastic
  • Spring made of spring steel
  • Clean the rails with solvent
  • Clean in regular cycles, depending on the degree of soiling

Product video Clippix, needle nose spring clamp XCL