Spring clamp VarioClippix XV

Product details
  • Variable opening width up to 100 mm, yet can be operated with one hand
  • Lightweight, functional and easy to handle
  • Extremely sturdy
  • On carded hang pack
  • SB-packed
wood plastic sensitive materials
Order number Opening Opening Throat depth Throat depth Clamping force Weight
mm " mm " N kg
XV3-50 55 2 37 1 1/2 80 0.07
XV5-100 100 4 50 2 120 0.17
Swivelling clamping arm

The swivelling super polyamide clamping arm ensures optimum handling. It is light and can be quickly and infinitely adjusted up to max. 100 mm.

Ergonomic 2-component handle

The ergonomically shaped 2-component handle is fitted with soft material inserts. This makes the handle pleasantly soft, as well as particularly resistant to slipping.

Protective caps

Particularly sensitive workpieces are effectively protected thanks to the protective caps. For all‐round gentle clamping.

  • Interior fittings
  • DIY
  • Furniture and joinery works
  • Dry construction
  • For flexible, feather-light clamping
  • Rapid, gentle clamping
  • Clamping tools are not suitable for lifting, pulling or transporting.
  • Clamping tools may only be clamped manually without using any auxiliary tools.
  • Improper use can cause personal injuries or material damage.
  • Never change or modify clamping tools. Only use them in their original condition. Only use original‐spare parts if required.
  • Upper and lower section made of reinforced PA6 plastic
  • Spring made of spring steel
  • Clean the rails with solvent
  • Clean in regular cycles, depending on the degree of soiling

Product video Spring clamp VarioClippix XV