One‑handed table clamp EZR (2 pcs./package)

Product details
  • For fixing guide rails of the brands Festool, Protool, Metabo, Makita, Hitachi/Hikoki, Dewalt etc. (groove dimensions 12 x 6.5 mm to 12 x 8 mm) as well as of the brands Bosch, Flex and Mafell thanks to slide-on adapter (groove dimensions 12 x 1.8 mm)
  • For clamping in profiles as well as on work tables
  • Can be used as a normal one-handed clamp for clamping - also overlapping - and spreading
  • Clamping force up to 750 N
  • Ergonomically shaped 2-part plastic handle with pump lever behind the rail
  • On carded hang pack
wood plastic
Order number Opening Throat depth Spreading width Rail Content Weight
mm mm mm mm kg
EZR15SET 150 60 120-310 14x5 2 x EZR15-6 / 2 x Adapter 0.9
Versatile use

This clamp offers a variety of uses - both as a table clamp and as a one-handed clamp:

  • with attachment on lower part and inverted upper part for secure fixing of guide rails of the brands Festool, Protool, Metabo, Makita, Hitachi/Hikoki, Dewalt etc. and for clamping in profiles as well as on work tables
  • with additional adapter on the upper part also suitable for fixing Bosch, Flex and Mafell guide rails
  • with attachment on upper or lower part for overlapping clamping
  • Suitable for tensioning or spreading
Convenient technology

Ergonomic and safe handling, thanks to sophisticated technology:

  • due to the high quality 2-part plastic grip with pump lever behind the rail for safe access from both directions
  • due to the release handle integrated in the grip for quick adjustment of the sliding bar and for releasing the clamp
  • due to the cross prism integrated in the plastic protective caps for the secure fastening of round, pointed and angular pieces
Robust design

Modern aesthetics meet with longevity here:

  • due to the use of high-quality materials, such as fibreglass-reinforced polyamide for the top and bottom, as well as hardened, tempered, and burnished steel for the profiled rails
  • due to the plastic housing, the grip mechanism is protected from dust and chips
  • Interior fittings
  • DIY
  • Furniture and joinery works
  • Kitchen construction and shop fitting
  • Clamping tools are not suitable for lifting, pulling or transporting.
  • Clamping tools may only be clamped manually without using any auxiliary tools.
  • Improper use can cause personal injuries or material damage.
  • Never change or modify clamping tools. Only use them in their original condition. Only use original‐spare parts if required.
  • Rail made of hardened steel, burnished
  • Lever made of reinforced PA6 plastic
  • Upper and lower section made of reinforced PA6 plastic
  • Protective caps made of plastic
  • Regular maintenance is necessary - only then can a secure hold be guaranteed (no slipping of the sliding bracket)
  • Clean the rails with solvent
  • Always keep the rail free of grease, oil or dried glue, waxes and silicone-based release agents

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